Monday, February 10, 2014

Crocheting with Family

  I had a fun and busy weekend with my family. One aunt came from Hawaii and will be making her way back to the Philippines. My parents came from Pennsylvania, another aunt, uncle, and cousins came to visit from New York. It was a full house. I got to show off all of my creations, and it felt nice having people here who are genuinely interested. My cousin was my weekend model and posted her "selfies" on Facebook. She even got me a few sales! Thanks cuz!

  I started on my orders and then we had this crochet party going! I showed them how to crochet the hat that my cousin in wearing above. The pattern is a free download from, called Emm'hat by Mathilde Plus. It's made with chunky yarn and a size N hook. Here we are. My mom on the left, me in green, my aunt next to me and my cousin next to her. My husband was so amused when he saw us here crocheting so he snapped a picture.

  Unfortunately, I only got a picture of one finished product (and that's because it was left behind). This is my aunt's finished hat. She used two strands of worsted weight yarn since I didn't have any more bulky weight. It came out great! I guess she didn't want to take it, because it doesn't go with her outfit, plus it's hot in the Philippines. ;) Love you, Tita, have a safe trip back to PI!

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