Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Mesh Hats

 Here's two mesh type hats that I just made. These hats are perfect for spring or fall weather.

 I think I might work on some dread holding Rasta hats next. I made one for my daughter a while back and she really liked it. She could fit all her hair in it so it wouldn't look a mess when I didn't do her hair.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish Shamrock

 For some reason, I couldn't get a clearer picture. This was made from a free pattern from this link. The pattern actually had four leaves on it. I made this for my daughter to wear to school. She is pinch proof all day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Look what I made!

 I have been so busy trying to come up with items for my online store, so I can quit my day job. Just kidding about the quitting part, I'm not even close to ready for that! Maybe one day. I wonder if I made my hobby my job if I would still like doing it? hmm..

 Anyway, I've come up with a few new things. I made this cute headband. It's made with cotton crochet thread and gold metallic thread. I'll probably make some more of these.

 This is a lovely hat with an applique of crocheted "buttons".  I actually used the buttons to cover up the seam. It's made with Caron Simply Soft acrylic yarn. The color is dark Sage.

 This is the latest piece that I've been working on, and still am working on. I need to finish the straps for the bottom. It started out as just a bikini top, but then I decided to come up with some kind of matching bottom. It's made with worsted weight 100% cotton yarn by Peaches and Creme. I'm not sure how well it would do in water. It seems like it would soak up a lot of water and get heavy. I'm thinking I should make the straps longer for the bottom.

Friday, March 5, 2010

March is National Craft Month!

 March is National Craft Month! It's also soon time for St Patrick's Day and all things green. Then SPRING! Bring back the warm weather and bright colors!

 So, in honor of March, all things green, and National Craft Month, I'd like to feature my dear friend (who also has a birthday this month). She just opened up an online store on Etsy called Ruthie's Nest. She sells beautiful upcycled shirts that she sews. This is the greeting at her shop:

Welcome to ruthie's nest! Bits of this and bits of that...that's what a nest is made of. So too is everything in my shop. Each piece is a hand made, one of a kind creation made from recycled or upcycled materials.
I love custom orders! Send me your old stuff and I'll refashion them for you. Please convo me for additional info and pricing.
Thanks for stopping by and come back soon. Be green and be fabulous!

 Be sure to stop by her shop and see her creations!  You can use the link above, or the Etsy link on the side. Happy crafting!