Friday, March 4, 2016

Pillow Talk

  I crocheted this pillow cover about 2 years ago to cover up my bad sewing job. It was a simple stitch made with a large crochet hook. I think it was a half double crochet, but since the hook was so large it gave it this mesh look. I don't think I wrote a post about it because, well, it's kind of ugly.

   I finally gave this pillow a proper upgrade. Both my sewing skills and crocheting skills have improved since then. I unraveled my mesh cover and saved my yarn for another project. I thought about using it for the back, but decided to go with some leftover fabric that matches everything else in my craft room, as you can see on the chair that it is on. I made six panels inspired from the book, Crochet! Techniques, Stitches, Patterns by Marie-NoĆ«lle Bayard. Three panels of vertical ribbing which is just alternating front and back post double crochet and three panels in a stitch called triangular leaves. I think it is much, much better than the original. I sewed the two sides together with my sewing machine leaving one end open to stuff the pillow in. Then I hand sewed it closed. I like how the blue color comes through the open leaf stitches.