Saturday, February 27, 2010

The AnneMarie, Completed Three Piece Set

 I didn't get around to sewing a lining into the bag. I'm not sure if I will, but other than that, my three piece set is complete. Here is the bag with the beret sticking out of the middle and the scarf on the side. 

The scarf pattern is from the back of the label of the yarn that I used. It's called Crochet Mile-A Minute Scarf from Red Heart Super Saver and the color of yarn is Claret. The pattern was a little confusing, but I got it eventually. It turned out better than I thought it would too.


 I had a little trouble finding a beret pattern that I liked, so I came up with my own. It's pretty simple, I just used mostly hdc and sc of the lighter color so it will match the scarf. 

I found this cute flower pattern by Teresa. It is called Ecliptic Crochet Flower. She has a link to her video tutorials on her blog. I got a little confused at one point so I had to go to the video for some clarification. I find it easy to learn from her videos.

 I added a safety pin to the back of the flowers so that they will be removable.

 Here is my lovely daughter modeling the set for us:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Logo Help!

 I have decided to try to open an online store to sell my items. Even though I have nothing ready to be sold right now, I have started a web page that pretty much has nothing on it. It is called PerfectMix Creations. I'm still in the planning process of it all.
 Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I was thinking about the packaging and how I could make it personal and unique when a customer opens something from my shop. I want to have some kind of design that people can associate with my items or my store. I also want to include some kind of business card in the packages. So with all that being said, I need a logo. Can anyone give me any suggestions? Maybe I'll sketch some designs and have a poll. Well, if you have any suggestions, just leave a comment below!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The AnneMarie, Three Piece Set, Tote

This is what I've been working on lately. This tote is the beginning of a three piece set all in this burgundy color. I plan to make a beret and a scarf to go along with it. The free pattern for the tote can be found in this link. I didn't measure the gauge before I started, so my bag is way bigger than the pattern called for. I figured that it's just a tote and I could see how big or small it is while making it and I could adjust. It's the perfect size! I also winged it with the straps. I just did rows of 5 single crochet until it looked like a good length, then made another one the same size. I need to figure out how to sew a lining in it and it will be done. I was also thinking of crocheting some flowers on the outside.

 This set is going to be for the last sitter we had watching our kids before we moved. When she wasn't watching kids, I would always see her walking somewhere, whether it was to Church or to the mall, she loved walking, as long as the weather permitted. She loved to wear berets and always carried a big bag. I made her a beret last year and she wore it all the time. It made me feel good and paid for itself with the fact that I knew it wasn't going to sit in the corner of some closet. She will be surprised to receive this unexpected gift. I'm sure she will love it! I wish I could be there to see her open it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Purple Cable Jacket Update

 Finally, it's finished! With all the snow days, I've had some extra time to crochet, so I finally finished my first crocheted sweater. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I will need to make some slight adjustments with the sleeves because when I put it on, I kinda looked like I had huge forearms like Popeye, but other than that, it's nice. It's nice and cozy too! The zipper was definitely the biggest challenge with this project. I found a great tutorial here that helped a lot. I also had to learn new terms like blocking and basting. Blocking crochet basically means to wet it down and shape it the way it should be shaped, you can pin it down to a board until it dries, I used the ironing board and I used steam instead of spraying it with water. Basting is a sewing term and it is a temporary stitch used before the real stitching. It keeps the fabric in place better than pins and is easier to remove if you mess up. You're supposed to take the basting stitch out, but I left mine in. it's on the inside so it's not seen anyway.

My stitching is not the greatest. 

 As for my Fleur de lis tapestry crochet, it's a failure.. Fear not, I will try it again. Maybe I'll try to make the design with surface crochet. I wish I could have finished his beanie before the Superbowl, but oh well. He was more than happy without it, especially since his team won! Go Saints!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Perfect Mix

 I'm not a DJ, but I do love music. I'm not a chef, but I do love food. So, maybe you're wondering where "Daperfectmix" came from...

 Well, when I was younger, people would always ask me where I'm from or where my parents are from. I guess I was too dark to be Asian, too chinky eyed to be Hispanic and my hair was not kinky enough to be Black. Maybe I just looked like an alien. Back then, there weren't so many mixed races in my town. There were quite a few, but none like mine. I didn't know anyone else who had the same ethnic background as me. So when asked, I was proud to say "I'm Puerto Rican and Filipino, the perfect mix." I had to smirk and add the last part in every time. Not to say those other mixed races aren't perfect, it's just that mine was unique, at least in my neck of the woods. I've only met one other Puerto Rican Filipino. He's 10 now, so he's not even in my generation. Just in case you're thinking that I've never been out of my hometown, I can tell you, I don't even live in my hometown. I've been to lots of places and seen many people and things. Of course I've been to PR and the Philippines, but I've also been to Germany, France, London, and Spain to mention a few. I've been to most states on the east coast, but not the west, so maybe they're all over there.

 Years ago when I started my aol account, I needed to come up with an original name for my account. I wanted something that briefly described me somehow, so I typed in daperfectmix. Don't ask me why I put "da" instead of "the". I don't know why I did that. Every time I had to come up with a unique username daperfectmix always worked. So there you have it.