Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Earrings

 Here's a couple new earrings that I recently made. One with the free pattern from the previous post and the other is made from these black cube beads that I have. I painted them with acrylic paint. So here are my Chocolate Triangles, and Dice Earrings.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Triangle Crochet Earrings Pattern

 Here's another free pattern.  I made a couple beanie hats with this same cotton yarn. I think they would look nice worn together.

          F size crochet hook
          Worsted weight cotton yarn
          Jump ring
          Earring hook

ch2 in beginning of row counts as 1st stitch


Make a slip stitch, ch 4, then join to make a ring

Row 1: ch2, 3 dc in ring, (do not join) (4 st)
Row 2: ch2, turn, 2 dc in first 3 st, 1 dc in last (7 st)
Row 3: ch2, turn, 1 dc in same st, *2dc in next st, 1dc in next st* rep to end (10 st)

Fasten off, weave in ends. 

Attach your jump ring through the beginning ch4 ring, attach the earring hook and close the jump ring.  You may need a couple set of pliers to close the jump ring. Jewelry pliers make it so much easier, but I think any kind of pliers that can grab it will do the job.

 I love seeing finished products from my patterns. If you want to be featured on my blog with your finished items, just shoot me an email. If you don't want to be featured but still want to send me pics, that's great too! Just let me know in the email if you want me to post your pics or not.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Newsboy Cap

  I saw this pattern a long time ago in a blog that I follow called Crochet and Other Stuff. I finally came around to making it. I thought I was going to run out of yarn, but I had just enough yarn to finish it. It was a little bigger than I expected, but I made some extra decreases and now it fits my tiny head. The brim needs a little work, but it doesn't look too bad so I will leave it how it is. The next one I will do a little different, with a few more increases in the brim.

Monday, September 13, 2010

WIP Purple Spiral Necklace

To match my purple spiral hoops, I said I was going to make a necklace to match. It's been difficult to come up with something original, especially when I'm new at this sort of thing. I've been looking for ideas and trying to come up with something. As I was driving home from work this afternoon an idea started brewing! I have an hour commute so I had a long time to think. When I got home I started. I got out my Thing-A-MaJIG and some thread to see how much wire I will need.
This will be the shape of the focal piece off the necklace. Then I got my gold colored 20 gauge brass wire, and cut it and made my shape.
That wasn't so bad. Next I added my purple thread. This was easier said than done. I started on the left side and crocheted in the same place and just slid the stitches to the right to cover the wire. When it was all covered, I twisted it a bit to make the spiral. Luckily, that also hides my bad crocheting in the beginning part.
Wait, it needs something else..

Now, if I had a chain this is when I would attach it. I don't have a chain.. Only wire. I'm not gonna let that stop me. I took out my Thing-A-MaJIG again and started on my chain. This wire stuff isn't as hard as I thought, but it is time consuming and sometimes tests my patience.
So far so good, I think.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another Floppy Sun Hat

I made this hat when I created the pattern for the Floppy Sun Hat. I wanted to embellish it with something but I didn't know what. I was flipping through one of my inspirational crochet books, "Crocheting School A Complete Course," and I found a lovely flower. What do you think?

Cute Little Pumpkin

 Fall is a colorful time. I love to see the trees changing colors and rainbow leaves. That also means it's going to be cold here soon. I don't like cold. Even though I hate being cold, I do like the change of the seasons. I like being able to wear long sleeves and sweaters for a few months then short sleeves and tanks later in the year. I like variety. My husband says he has never seen a wardrobe as eclectic as mine. I could be four different people in one week! Ha!
 In honor of the fall season, I wanted to make a pumpkin amigurumi. I was searching for free patterns and I was about to give up and make my own pattern. Then I found a pattern that I liked! It's a cute little pumpkin, and I found the pattern on www.planetjune.com via CrochetPatternCentral.com.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Purple Spiral Rings

Here are a few supplies that I picked up from the Hobby Lobby this weekend. It was my first time in that store and wow, I could've been in there all day! It's probably a good thing that there isn't one near my house. I'm really loving the color of this thread.

 What do you think I did with them? I made earrings of course.

I'm working on a necklace to match, but I'm not sure how to make it yet.