Wednesday, August 24, 2011

East Coast Earthquake

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     I have lived on the east coast in the US for most of my life and have never felt an earthquake. We had a small one a couple years back in Maryland. I was on the road, on my way to work, and didn't feel a thing. This one that hit us yesterday was pretty huge as it was felt from Georgia up to New England! The epicenter was in central Virginia and it was a 5.8 magnitude quake.

     I still have never felt an earthquake, not that I'm complaining! I was driving on the road again on my way home from work this time. The quake hit around 1:50pm EST. I left work around 1:40pm. I didn't even know we were having an earthquake until I heard it on the radio! When I got to the baby sitter's house to pick up my kids they were all shook up. Literally! When we got home, I assessed the damage. The only noticeable things were two broken picture frames that had fallen to the floor, drawers that were shaken open, and a bottle of conditioner that had fallen in my shower.

     As for damage in other places, some buildings were hit pretty hard. I'm sure there was more significant damage at the epicenter in Mineral, VA. In DC, specifically the National Cathedral had damage, and they found a crack near the top of the Washington Monument. Power was lost in some places and traffic was a hot mess after all that. 

     Did you feel it?

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunshine Award!

   I received the Sunshine Award from Lovestitch from Stitch of Love!  She is such a beautiful person. Always so sweet, kind, and leaves positive, motivating comments on my blog. Thank you so much! For this award I must tell some things about myself and pass it along to 10 other awesome bloggers.

   Hmm... Lets see what don't you know about me? Well, you already know that I'm an addicted to crochet. Maybe you don't know....

  • I love peanut butter! (Especiallly Hershey's Reese's. I used to work in Chocolate World in Hershey, PA)
  • Music is a necessity in my life. (I love singing and played several instruments in high school)
  • I have fired a semi-automatic weapon.. and liked it! (I was in the Army for 8 years)
  • I like going swimming, but I'm not a good swimmer. (I almost drowned as a child which caused my mom to get me swimming lessons. I love the beach but, I'm a little scared of the ocean... is that weird?)
  • I am shy and very quiet in person (unless I've known you for a while or I've been drinking. I'd rather email than talk. I've gotten better and not as shy as I used to be. I actually looked up the term for fear of people and it's Anthropophobia... I know, useless knowledge..)

   I will be passing the Sunshine Award to the lovely bloggers below. Be sure to check out their blogs and don't forget to stop by Stitch of Love too! 

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