Sunday, April 28, 2013

Show & Tell

  Rachel sent me her finished items from my Quick Easy Winter Beanies pattern. This is her first ever crocheted hat and I'm so honored that she chose my pattern! It looks like it turned out great. She said she combined two beanies to make a reversible beanie with two different colors to choose from, or you can flip the bottom up like it shows in her picture. Brilliant! Great job, Rachel, and thanks so much for sending pictures!

  I love seeing finished products from my patterns. If you want to be featured on my blog with your finished items, just shoot me an email. If you don't want to be featured but are still willing to share your pics, that's great too! Just let me know in the email if you want me to post your pics or not. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Autism Awareness Scarf

Image from
  This is the other big project that I was talking about in a previous post. This took a lot of patience and time. The final piece is always such a great reward for all the hard work.

  The scarf was requested by a coworker for his son. I found the pattern on Ravelry and it can also be found at this link. It is actually a chart and is made using a Tunisian Crochet Simple Stitch. When I finally figured out how to do it, it became pretty repetitive. All I had to do was follow the chart. I repeated the chart one time, but I think I should have made the scarf a little longer. The pattern says to make two panels and stitch them together back to back. I did not want to make another panel since the first one took so long. Instead, I cut a length of fleece and stitched it to the back. The wrong side of the stitch looks like this, which is why it would need to be covered.

  I attached the fleece after blocking. I tried to take pictures, but my camera didn't like all the black. I guess it was too dark. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It was really neat to see the picture coming together in the beginning. I have to admit though, about halfway through I was ready to be done, but I kept on and finished the project. If it wasn't requested by someone else, I may have abandoned it.