Friday, August 29, 2014

Crocheted baby Groot

   If you haven't seen Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy yet, you most likely don't know who this little guy is. He's baby Groot. Seen it or not, he's still so cute. I found this pattern featured on the home page of It's a free pattern written by Twinkie Chan and can be found at this link. 

   I made this guy using a size F hook. My worsted weight wool was a bit old and thin. He's about 6 inches tall (7 if you count the tallest branch). I need to find a better pot to put him in. I just stuffed some green tissue paper in there to give him some height and help him stand on his own. It was purely for pictures, because I couldn't wait for the actual finished product. I'll have to make a special trip to look for his new planter home and update the pictures later.

**here's an updated picture**

Friday, August 22, 2014

Turtle Power!

   It's not a ninja turtle, but it can be a baby in a half-shell! I found another cute baby photo prop to crochet. A sweet turtle shell and baby beanie. I found the pattern on written by Ruth McColm at Simply2Irresistible. It is written in both US and UK terms and you can download the one you prefer. Unfortunately, this is not a free pattern, but it's a steal at $2.99. It includes the shell, beanie and a flower. I haven't gotten to the flower yet, but I will try it out. The only things I did different with the pattern was that I added a crab stitch in the last rounds of the shell and beanie and I made the tail a little wider than the pattern called for. It is easy to follow as well as easy to improvise with your own flair.