Sunday, January 6, 2013

Isaiah's Beanie

  Here is a beanie I made for my son. It's a basic beanie with added ear flaps and some surface crochet on the side. You can't see, but the bottom of the ear flaps have a braided cord with the black and lime yarn. He looks pretty happy with it. I'm happy with it too! The surface crochet of his name on the side took a while, but I really like the way it came out. I thought about putting a "mohawk" on it, but decided it would be too much, so I just left it like this. Maybe I'll do another one with a mohawk and without the surface crochet. 


Connie said...

This is amazing, and I'll bet he loves it. Watch out you will soon be having every kid at school wanting you to make them one :)
When my daughter was in grade-school I made her a little house on the prairie style sun bonnet . . . and all of her girl friends wanted one, too. So that year they all got one on their birthdays. It sure solved the "what to buy" problem :)
In regard to the comment that you left on my blog. I want to encourage you to start an art journal and in between the art pages write a few of the wonderful and simple delights of your daily life. Someday that little boy of yours will treasure it and know that he has little bits and pieces of your heart and soul in the pages.
As Martha would say . . . It's a good think. Not that I'm a huge Martha fan, but you get the point.
Have a gloriously wonderful day,
Your blogging sister, Connie

Niesha said...

This is really nice I would love how to do surface crochet for my grandson