Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Felt

  I've never felted anything before. You will probably be able to tell after you see the pictures. I bought some Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks and decided to try it out. The wool is 100%  Peruvian Highland Wool. It didn't say super wash so I knew it would felt when washed. The first thing I did was crochet a cloche. I went up two hook sizes, but when I was done it seems to fit almost too good. Maybe the yarn was too bulky, or maybe I need to reevaluate my pattern. There was a little room for shrinkage, but I now know that I need way more room for shrinkage. Here is the before picture.

  I felted the cloche in the bathroom sinks. I used my sink for hot water and my husband's sink for cold water. I put a little dish soap in the hot water. I scrubbed, squished and agitated the cloche in the hot water, then in the cold water, going back and forth a few times until the wool looked felted. It was a lot more work than I thought. When I was done I squeezed the water out and rolled it in a towel to remove any excess water. I tried to put the cloche on my Styrofoam head to dry, but it did not fit. I left it to dry, standing up, so it wouldn't lose it's round shape. It took a really long time to dry. The finished piece, will probably fit a young child. I'm still thinking of what to embellish it with. I think a ribbon around would look nice and classy.

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Mama T said...

Hi Michelle!

I drop by your blog every so often to get a refresher on how to start a beanie.

Thanks for sharing this post. There's a few beanies & hats I've made that could use some shrinkage!

Had a good time catching up on your new designs and other fun posts!

Best to you in 2013~~~MamaT