Tuesday, July 19, 2011


  What is it about crochet that's got us so hooked? Maybe it's the satisfaction of transforming a single strand of yarn into something beautiful, wearable, or useful. When I first learned how to crochet as a child from my mother, I couldn't see the potential that the yarn had. I thought my only option was to turn it into a boring doily. I didn't want to put in all that work for an unappreciated doily to be thrown to the side somewhere. If I only knew what I had given up so long ago, I could be an amazing crocheter with decades of practice under my belt. Well, you can't dwell on the "what ifs" because it will only drive you crazy, right?

   Even though I don't have years and years of experience I think I'm doing well in my crochetability. (I think I just made up a word, it has a nice ring to it.) I didn't get hooked when I first learned, but boy am I hooked now! I started when my youngest was born. I had to stay home with him for a while. I saw some videos on youtube and said hey, I can do that! So I did. I researched the internet and found craft blogs. I thought, I can do that too! And I did. I kept doing it and here I am. I even have a few patterns of my own. I hope to get better, design some more and get better at this blogging thing too.

   When did you get hooked?

image from http://www.crochetspot.com


labriek said...

I grew up in the middle of nowhere, with long winters! An elderly couple (the only neighbor) lived across the street and the woman could crochet like no tomorrow! I asked her to teach me and many years later I'm still at it. Of course, there were many years I didn't crochet at all. Then I had children and once they were involved in activities where I had to sit around and wait, I started crocheting again. Love it!

daperfectmix said...

Thanks Labriek! I love it too. I just wish there were more people around me to share it with.

Angela said...

I remember I learned in 1986, 5th grade. My most prized finished project was a scarf that I proudly wore to the school Christmas Show...alas I lost it that same night. :( I was away from it for many years myself as I went through high school and college and never thought I had time to do it anymore. Now it is such a mainstay in my life that I can't imagine what I would do without it! I'm so thankful for the internet where I can 'hook' up with people since I don't really know many people around me either. I enjoy your blog! ;)


Anonymous said...

I was in 5ththe grade. My granny taught me that summer I started my period along with some of my girlfriends. So I made us "pad holders" to put in our purses.

daperfectmix said...

Oh pad holders! What a great idea. My daughter is in 6th grade but she's not really into the crafting. She does it for a short time when I show her something new, but she is easily bored with it. Maybe she'll come back to it one day.