Thursday, July 7, 2011

Camera Update

A couple posts ago I mentioned that I was getting myself a new camera. Well, I ended up getting the Sony A390 Digital SLR Camera from Amazon.

   I still have much to learn in my photography skills, so a review from me would not be much help to someone who knows what they're doing. I will say that I'm liking it so far. The only downside is that I want to get a new lens so I can zoom in from a farther distance. The camera came with a 18-55mm lens which is not much of a zoom. Lenses for these type of cameras are expensive! I think it will be worth it, once I can afford it..

   Here are a few pics from our 4th of July celebration in our neighborhood. Some of them came out blurry because I was either moving too much or I couldn't get the settings right for the night pictures.

Good action shot!

It's hard to get a good pic of five kids at once!

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