Thursday, May 19, 2011

Show and Tell

Here are a few more pictures from people who have used my free patterns. My floppy sun hat seems to be the most popular. I love how you can take someone's pattern and make it in your own style. I think that's why I like crochet so much, it's so versatile.

Here is Heather's Floppy sun hat. It came out great!

And here is Elizabeth's Floppy sun hat. Elizabeth used a J hook, and a G hook for the brim. She used two strands, one size 10 thread and the other size 3 thread.

Beautiful job ladies! Thank you very much for the pictures!
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Lilacanglia said...


Mama T said...

Just dropped by to thank you again for the basic beanie pattern.
Made 14 so far for a donation project!

Made this one for my friend's mom using your cloche pattern. It has a "lei" adornment.