Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Skills

  Today's topic calls to evaluate my skills over the last year.  Let's see. Around this time last year is when I opened up my online store, PerfectMix Creations. The first few items in the store were good enough to be sold, but I think I have improved since then. This past year, I also wrote my first free pattern, an easy winter beanie. Now if we were talking about the year before last, I would have a lot more to say because I came a long way that year. I think this year, I've been trying to master what I already know, and tackling new stitches. I'm still working on it. I've learned a lot from doing other people's patterns, reading different blogs, and books from the library. My greatest resource would definitely be YouTube.com. It makes learning anything so much easier when you can actually see it being done. There is one person's videos that I always end up going to if I'm stumped on a stitch and that is Teresa from Art of Crochet. Her videos are always so clear and thorough. If I didn't learn it in a book, I learned it from Teresa. Thank you, Teresa!!  The last video I watched was her teaching a Crocodile Stitch. This is one of quite a few stitches I had no idea existed last year.

Crocodile Stitch

 I've also learned about blocking, different crochet techniques, and embroidering on crochet. I've acquired lots of new hooks and tools too. I have yet to use them all in an actual project. There is much more to learn. Crochet is so versatile, mastering it will take years.
Hairpin Lace
Blocked and Unblocked

  My jewelry making skills have improved a bit as well. Lately, I haven't been able to practice in that area, but I will eventually come back to it. I still have much to learn in that department.

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lovestitch said...

I have learned a lot a lot from Teresa too. She's so kind and wonderful to teach to the world crocheting for free! Your crocodile stitches looks perfect, I think I should try it some day. You're so clever talented with so many things!!

Dee said...

Ohh, the crocodile stitch! One day, I'm gonna learn. But for right now, I have to turn away from the stitch! I have projects to finish.

Your crochet is great. I love the hats you make. From the photos they look so professional.