Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Beret for St Patty's Day

Happy St Patrick's day!  As for me, I'm home sick from work today. I caught a virus that my son had. I think the fever is finally gone, but I still feel pretty weak.

I finished this beret for a friend of mine from work. It's a simple olive green beret.

The pattern is Mimi's Beret Cap without the brim. I decreased for two extra rows, then after the sc rows, I added a row of slip stitches to end. If you haven't noticed, I like this pattern a lot. There is another newsboy cap pattern that she gave me that I've been meaning to try. That will be in a future post. Have a great day!


Ashlee said...

Super cute beret! I needed this to wear to work today. Ha ha! At least I did find some green earrings & a green headband to stick in!

Dee said...

I love the face you're making. Great hat! I need to find a Spring friendly hat pattern myself.

Lilacanglia said...

Hiya hun,
thanks for the lovely comment on my grochet blanket, it did take a while but worth it,
cant wait to see yours,
keep well and crafty,
Angie xx