Sunday, August 19, 2012

Refashioned Tee

  This old tee shirt was stretched out and way too low cut for me. I decided to give it a makeover. I made a few cuts, keeping the neckline in tact, for the most part. I cut off the sleeves and the top part of the back piece, then sewed the edges. I had a little trouble sewing because the material is so stretchy. I really need to get some sewing lessons so I know how to deal with that. I'm still contemplating putting words or an image on the front. Maybe some embroidery or crochet. What do you think?


Jelli said...

Wow, that was easy! Looks good. Visiting you from the Foley Family linkup (though I didn't actually link up this week.) Have a good one.

daperfectmix said...

Thanks for visiting and the compliment!

Kasey Campos said...

Wow so simple and worked out so cute! I did a refashion like this one day and it is my most visited blog post!

You did a good job, I hope you will do another refashion soon!