Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Loom Knitting

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   Has anyone tried knitting with a loom? Is it considered cheating? Well, if it is I guess I'm guilty. I borrowed my mom's Knifty Knitter looms a long time ago. I didn't make much. It seemed to take forever to make something! I borrowed them to see if I'd like them enough to buy my own, but I think by borrowing them I didn't feel motivated enough to really work with them. So, then I bought my own. (I make sense in my own world, really.)

   Walmart didn't have the round looms, like my mom's so I just bought the kit with different lengths of the rectangular ones like this:

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    I tested them out and made a matching hat and scarf. I had this yarn that was difficult to crochet with because of it's fuzziness. I couldn't see my stitches so I gave up on crocheting with it at the time. It's perfect for loom knitting though. I think I finally have a way to make use of my boucle yarns as well. I still have tons more to learn about the different stitches and ways to cast on and off. I just kind of winged it with this set so it shouldn't be surprising that the hat probably won't fit anyone over the age of 3! Whoops. I guess I used the wrong size. Oh well, some baby will have a snuggly warm head.


Katie B said...

I've always wanted to try loom knitting.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my looms! I have every one of the Knifty Knitters...some of them I have more than one of. I also have the Martha Stewart kit. They ROCK! I can't knit with needles due to arthritis and other problems, so I don't consider it cheating.