Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012, It's a New Year!

  I hope everyone had a happy new year celebration, vacation, and all that jazz! Now it's time to get back to our normal work schedules, fighting traffic, school, and other activities. Be glad if you don't have traffic to fight. Hopefully everyone is back with a new year attitude and being extra nice and considerate. As for me, I am trying to get over this horrible cold the just keeps morphing into something worse than it was before. Maybe the saying is true that it will get worse before it gets better? What a depressing statement.

  Anyway, this year I will have a new craft room which will hopefully inspire new projects and designs. The craft room has been in remodeling mode for a while which is why I haven't told you about any new projects lately. I was going to post a before picture, but I was too embarrassed of the mess I had. Maybe I will change my mind when I have an after picture to show. Well, here's to the new year, new attitudes, and new ideas!

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