Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Camera

I decided to get myself a little something for my 32nd birthday. Wow, 32... Let's not dwell on that. Anyway, I want to order a new digital SLR camera!  I'm trying to look for a good buy, but I'm not too keen on all the tech specs. If anyone has any input about a really good model, please enlighten me. I was looking at the Canon Rebel XS, but someone said that it's an overpriced camera that's not any better than the one I have. Currently I have a 6 year old Panasonic Lumix. Not sure on the model (too lazy to look). I get these errors sometimes when I turn it on. It says to turn it back off and on again which almost never works so I get mad at it and hit it and that works. The abuse must stop. What about this one? It's a Sony Alpha A230Y. It looks like it could do some cool things and capture my crochet stitches in all it's beauty. Help...
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Sarah said...

I need a new one too! I'll be checking back to see which one you choose. I have a friend who just bought a Sony SLR and she LOVES it and she said it is reasonably priced. Not sure if it is the same model you are looking at.

Mimi said...

Can't give any input, I'm not at all techie but I'm content with my Canon pocket camera. Belated Happy Birthday!!