Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sackboy Hat and a Sneak Peek

This hat was requested recently. I just mailed it off yesterday so hopefully they got it before they see it on here. So this is Thane's hat and matching Sackboy. Thane is going through chemo therapy. I hope he likes the gifts. Keep your head warm, Thane! My son kept trying to take the Sackboy so I hope he made it to his destination safely.

Lately I've been working on another order. This is my biggest project right now. Here's a sneak peek.
These flowers will be made into a huge blanket lined with fleece. I still have a long way to go, but I will keep you posted along the way. This blanket has a matching hat too.

 A Valentine kiss from Zeke...  Happy Valentine's Day!

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Mindy said...

Hee hee! The first and last picture make me grin! ;-)

lovestitch said...

Such a lovely post! These hats are so beautiful! I can see you love making hats as much as I do!!!
Have a fab weekend!