Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back in Shape

 I've been neglecting my crafts lately.. Well, I haven't been doing nothing. I actually don't have enough time in my day. You can say that I've been training. Not really training, but working on my body to be beach ready. So my time that I usually spend crafting or crocheting have been sacrificed to my exercise time. I've really been working hard and eating better. I was very dissatisfied with the pictures from my last island trip. So don't talk about it be about it, right? I set a goal to drop about 10 lbs before our trip to Hawaii. We're leaving on the 24th! So far I've only lost about 3 lbs. It's not actually the weight that concerns me, which is why I'm not too bummed about not being so close to my goal this late in the game. I'm more concerned with how the weight looks. It seems like it has shifted a bit, which is good. I won't be ready for a photo shoot with Sports Illustrated, but I will look better than I did in St Thomas. Sorry, I won't be showing before and after shots. That's too embarrassing. Well if I do ever get super fit and sexy, maybe I would post before and after shots. Yea that would be something to be proud of.

 Last week I did happen to finish a sunhat that I was working on. Maybe if I have time later today I can finally take pics of it and post it. Before I went full force into workout mode, I was working on a crochet visor with a plastic piece in the brim for stiffness. I still haven't figured out how to do it, maybe that will be a future tutorial once i figure it out.

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