Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Earring Inspiration and Funky leg warmers

I bought an earring kit from Walmart. I kinda felt like it was cheating, but I thought I might learn something new and get new ideas. So here is the kit packaging.

Here are the earrings made from the kit:

My favorite:

You might see some more in the future similar to the last one. Maybe a little shorter. So I got something good out of it. It wasn't totally cheating, I still put them together, right? I made all of the earrings from the kit except for one. For some reason there wasn't enough parts to make it. Oh well, I can still use the supplies.  ...I just noticed that the pink earrings are missing from the picture. I did make them and they're cute. They are just MIA right now. 

I did a little sewing recently. Check out my funky leg warmer/ boot covers! 

I got the idea from seeing some costumes that hoop dancers wear. I was into hooping for a while and even made my own hula hoops. If you're interested there is a ton of info about hooping at www.hooping.org.
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Moe said...

I love the earrings & those boot covers are so fun! What a way to spice up cold weather accessories :) :) :)

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