Monday, November 1, 2010

Big Flowers

 Lately, I've been seeing big flowers on everything. I decided to do a search for some free crochet patterns of some flowers. I found two that I really like. What I like best about them is that they are more three dimensional instead of just a flat flower.

 The first one is this beautiful Rose Pattern. The pattern also includes leaves, but I just made the flower. I think I was actually supposed to roll it a bit tighter, but it still looks pretty to me.

 The other one is from this Peek-A-Boo Flower Hat Pattern. I also made the hat that went along with the pattern. I think this is a cute one especially for a little girl. I thought the pattern for the flower was a little confusing, but I managed to figure it out.


lovestitch said...

Those caps are so beautiful! Love the flower embellishment!

Lilacanglia said...

stunning hats,
the flowers are very pretty

Angry Asian said...

i am in love with the 3-D flower! and it's such a great feminine addition to any generic skull cap. lovely!