Thursday, October 14, 2010

Poetry Blog

 If anyone is interested, I decided to start another blog where I will put my poetry and random thoughts. I figured they would be out of place here, so if you'd like to see, it can be found HERE. All comments are welcome. I was also thinking of adding poetry of anyone else who would like to participate.


lovestitch said...

That's a very good idea! How interesting am I knowing your poetry and thoughts! I have just become your follower. Move on!

daperfectmix said...

Great! Thanks!!

Bridget Clune said...

Love ur site,my interests are the same, getting ready to check out ur poetry as I write poetry also and I'm working on childrens stories using my small town's location as the place where these little stories began for my grandchildren, Amy and Andrea grew up. My poetry comes from my hearts desire to let my soul speak in rhymes of old English style,my travels and my faith. My photography comes from wanting to paint what the camera lens sees. My Art works are a combinations of different mediums just now sharing this area of ability, my near death experiences started my writing,painting and poetry. I will share this part of my life with anyone with questions of faith, life after death and my autobiography, "My Journey". Hope to become friends, I really appreciate your site as u like to share helpful free sites and will be checking out ur poetry,my email is I'm posting ur site as like on my facebook, great job!!!!