Monday, September 13, 2010

WIP Purple Spiral Necklace

To match my purple spiral hoops, I said I was going to make a necklace to match. It's been difficult to come up with something original, especially when I'm new at this sort of thing. I've been looking for ideas and trying to come up with something. As I was driving home from work this afternoon an idea started brewing! I have an hour commute so I had a long time to think. When I got home I started. I got out my Thing-A-MaJIG and some thread to see how much wire I will need.
This will be the shape of the focal piece off the necklace. Then I got my gold colored 20 gauge brass wire, and cut it and made my shape.
That wasn't so bad. Next I added my purple thread. This was easier said than done. I started on the left side and crocheted in the same place and just slid the stitches to the right to cover the wire. When it was all covered, I twisted it a bit to make the spiral. Luckily, that also hides my bad crocheting in the beginning part.
Wait, it needs something else..

Now, if I had a chain this is when I would attach it. I don't have a chain.. Only wire. I'm not gonna let that stop me. I took out my Thing-A-MaJIG again and started on my chain. This wire stuff isn't as hard as I thought, but it is time consuming and sometimes tests my patience.
So far so good, I think.


Mimi said...

It looks nice and interesting!

Kristine said...

Great idea sliding your crochet stitches! Thanks for visiting my W.I.P. Wednesday.

Mindy said...

Very pretty!

Lacey said...

beautiful work. i make jewelry, crochet, cross stitch, and do a bit of embroidery myself....nice to find someone who shares a lot of the same interests!! i'm gonna bookmark your blog so i can read regularly!!! keep up the beautiful designs and ideas!!!