Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cute Little Pumpkin

 Fall is a colorful time. I love to see the trees changing colors and rainbow leaves. That also means it's going to be cold here soon. I don't like cold. Even though I hate being cold, I do like the change of the seasons. I like being able to wear long sleeves and sweaters for a few months then short sleeves and tanks later in the year. I like variety. My husband says he has never seen a wardrobe as eclectic as mine. I could be four different people in one week! Ha!
 In honor of the fall season, I wanted to make a pumpkin amigurumi. I was searching for free patterns and I was about to give up and make my own pattern. Then I found a pattern that I liked! It's a cute little pumpkin, and I found the pattern on via

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Moe said...

So teeny tiny!! and so cute!! I know how you feel about fall. During the summer I feel like I can't wear any clothes because its so hot. But during fall I can be more versatile & layered & I love it. I'll have to bookmark this pattern :)

Saw you on Mad Skills Monday @ Mad in Crafts :)