Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Perfect Mix

 I'm not a DJ, but I do love music. I'm not a chef, but I do love food. So, maybe you're wondering where "Daperfectmix" came from...

 Well, when I was younger, people would always ask me where I'm from or where my parents are from. I guess I was too dark to be Asian, too chinky eyed to be Hispanic and my hair was not kinky enough to be Black. Maybe I just looked like an alien. Back then, there weren't so many mixed races in my town. There were quite a few, but none like mine. I didn't know anyone else who had the same ethnic background as me. So when asked, I was proud to say "I'm Puerto Rican and Filipino, the perfect mix." I had to smirk and add the last part in every time. Not to say those other mixed races aren't perfect, it's just that mine was unique, at least in my neck of the woods. I've only met one other Puerto Rican Filipino. He's 10 now, so he's not even in my generation. Just in case you're thinking that I've never been out of my hometown, I can tell you, I don't even live in my hometown. I've been to lots of places and seen many people and things. Of course I've been to PR and the Philippines, but I've also been to Germany, France, London, and Spain to mention a few. I've been to most states on the east coast, but not the west, so maybe they're all over there.

 Years ago when I started my aol account, I needed to come up with an original name for my account. I wanted something that briefly described me somehow, so I typed in daperfectmix. Don't ask me why I put "da" instead of "the". I don't know why I did that. Every time I had to come up with a unique username daperfectmix always worked. So there you have it.

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