Saturday, February 27, 2010

The AnneMarie, Completed Three Piece Set

 I didn't get around to sewing a lining into the bag. I'm not sure if I will, but other than that, my three piece set is complete. Here is the bag with the beret sticking out of the middle and the scarf on the side. 

The scarf pattern is from the back of the label of the yarn that I used. It's called Crochet Mile-A Minute Scarf from Red Heart Super Saver and the color of yarn is Claret. The pattern was a little confusing, but I got it eventually. It turned out better than I thought it would too.


 I had a little trouble finding a beret pattern that I liked, so I came up with my own. It's pretty simple, I just used mostly hdc and sc of the lighter color so it will match the scarf. 

I found this cute flower pattern by Teresa. It is called Ecliptic Crochet Flower. She has a link to her video tutorials on her blog. I got a little confused at one point so I had to go to the video for some clarification. I find it easy to learn from her videos.

 I added a safety pin to the back of the flowers so that they will be removable.

 Here is my lovely daughter modeling the set for us:


Mimi said...

Very nice, it all goes well together!

daperfectmix said...

Thanks, Mimi!