Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Three Hats and a Hoop

 On our long road trip to Florida from Virginia, I had lots of time to crochet when I wasn't driving, of course. I only brought one skein of yarn, so unfortunately everything is the same color. I didn't get a chance to splurge at any craft stores. I did get to hit one store in Tallahassee called Beadz. They had so many beads and things, I didn't know what to do! They had a beginner's class that I would've liked to attend, but we were leaving the day before the class. Maybe next time. So on to my new hats. The first one was an experiment and a tragedy. I think I'll redo that one someday. I'm almost embarrassed to post a pic but here it is..

The next one is not so bad. I actually like it. It's a basic beanie with a brim. The brim is crocheted with two strands so it is a bit stiff.

 This last one was also an experiment, but came out much better than the first. It has a floppy brim all the way around. I think I'll make another with a bigger floppier brim, like a sun hat.

 Now if you're wondering about the hoop, I did make one. It's made out of polyethylene tubing that I got from Lowes. I was going to do a tutorial but you can click here for that. The best part of making a hoop is making it pretty. I used vinyl and duck tape. This hoop was requested by my friend, Kat. She had to have silver, and my silver duck tape doesn't go on  as smooth as the other tapes, but it's still pretty. I even personalized it for her. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think Kat will LOVE her hoop. I do!

Anonymous said...

Do you have the pattern for the beanie with the brim? I like the way it looks!


daperfectmix said...

That pattern actually came from a book, so I can't re-publish that, sorry. You can probably find the book in your local library. It's called "Get Your Crochet On! Hip Hats and Cool Caps" by Afya Ibomu. It has a lot of great patterns.